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Summary | 10 Annotations
mifuneyama rakuen park — a 500,000-square meter garden situated in the historic japanese prefecture of saga
2017/07/28 05:58
the park itself was created 172 years ago at the end of the edo period,
2017/07/28 05:59
by day, and by night: the pond turns into a jackson pollock-like painting
2017/07/28 05:59
teamlab has introduced an artistic dimension to the milieu of mountains, trees, and ancient rock formations, unmistakably guided by the principle of nature as art.
2017/07/28 06:00
14 immersive installations transform the park into an awe-inspiring, open-air museum. each digital art experience is intrinsically interwoven with the environment, magnifying the shapes, characteristics and fundamental facets of the landscape.
2017/07/28 06:01
the exhibition is presented by shiseido as part of their continued support of the creative arts. 
2017/07/28 06:02
. teamlab furthermore ‘frames’ parts of the forest with carefully articulated geometries of light, leading visitors through a window of woodland.
2017/07/28 06:03
flowers flourish and fade away without end
2017/07/28 06:05
‘rock wall spatial calligraphy, continuous life – five hundred arhats’ on the outside of the cave, teamlab has reconstructed japanese writing as a calligraphic choreography
2017/07/28 06:05
WASO tea house – flowers bloom in an infinite universe inside a teacup’
2017/07/28 06:06