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Summary | 6 Annotations
A new furniture company has launched which aims to reduce damage to the environment by making products out of waste such as cigarette butts and old smartphones.
2017/09/14 02:51
Pentatonic, which has launched this month
2017/09/14 02:52
Pentatonic trades parts and materials with existing customers, and will also buy back products if they no longer want them.
2017/09/14 02:52
the company also aims to reduce “toxic materials” such as paints, resins, glues and formaldehyde,
2017/09/14 02:52
According to the company, there is currently over 150 bn kilograms of plastic in the ocean, and in 2015, 79% of waste plastic
2017/09/14 02:52
Pentatonic is based in Europe, but its products are available globally via its website. It will open a pop-up store in Shoreditch, East London on 14 September,
2017/09/14 02:53