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Enhancement Description

  • One-line enhancement description (can be used as a release note): Add support for watch bookmarks to reduce load on kube-apiserver
  • Kubernetes Enhancement Proposal: KEP: watch bookmarks
  • Primary contact (assignee): wojtek-t
  • Responsible SIGs: sig-apimachinery, sig-scalability
  • Enhancement target (which target equals to which milestone):
    • Alpha release target (1.15)
    • Beta release target (1.16)
    • Stable release target (1.17)

Please to keep this description up to date. This will help the Enhancement Team track efficiently the evolution of the enhancement

Summary | 4 Annotations
a new one can be restarted from the last returned resourceVersion
2020/10/25 10:39
history window
2020/10/25 10:41
resource version too old
2020/10/25 10:41
a new type of watch event called Bookmark
2020/10/25 10:45