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Summary | 6 Annotations
Seven years ago, the Falcon Heavy was a model rocket,
2018/02/07 07:24
on the famed launchpad at Kennedy Space Center where the Saturn V flew the first humans to the moon.
2018/02/07 07:25
Along for the ride was a cherry-red Tesla convertible, with a dummy called Starman wearing a SpaceX space suit sitting in the driver’s seat
2018/02/07 07:25
“If the cameras didn’t get blown up as well, then we’ll put that out,” he said.The upper stage of the rocket, which carried the Tesla, meanwhile, is cruising along just fine. Here’s a video Musk shared about an hour after liftoff, thanks to cameras mounted around the car:
2018/02/07 07:26
And a livestream:
2018/02/07 07:26
The center booster made a successful separation. The upper stage of the rocket—with the Tesla in tow—continued on. In orbit, the stage will coast for about six hours and then fire up its engine again to help put the Tesla in an elliptical orbit
2018/02/07 07:28