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waste management
2016/11/17 11:18
the Nordic nation uses the best quality waste-to-energy (WTE) conversion procedure to ensure that the waste that is generated is recycled into energy that is used to distribute electricity and heat to a large percentage of households
2016/11/17 11:20
Each Swede produces just over 500 kg or half a ton of household waste every year
2016/11/17 11:20
Waste incineration provides heat corresponding to the needs of 810,000 homes, around 20 per cent of all the district-heating produced.
2016/11/17 11:21
Sweden imports garbage from neighbouring European nations, amounting to about eight hundred thousand tons of trash from the UK, Italy, Norway, and Ireland to ensure that their power plants stay up and running.
2016/11/17 11:22
Norway pays Sweden to take the waste off their hands, while Sweden gets a regular supply of electricity and heat.
2016/11/17 11:23