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Tube strike memes: Best #TubeStrike reactions after commute from hell

Commuters queue at Victoria bus station in central London on January 9, 2017 during a 24-hour tube strike. A strike on the London Underground caused major disruption on January 9, as almost all stations in the city centre shut and services were cancelled in a dispute over jobs and ticket office closures. Millions of passengers were forced to take overcrowded buses or overland trains, or work from home, after the 24-hour walk-out by the RMT union. / AFP PHOTO / Justin TALLISJUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images
(Photo: Getty)

The Tube strike has caused chaos for millions across London, with commuters forced to take overcrowded buses or walk to work.

While many have taken to social media to post photos of the carnage and complain about the chaos, some have managed to find the funny side to the situation.

Let’s face it, as you stand in gridlock sandwiched amongst strangers, you may as well come up with some comedy to get you through it.

Here are the best takes on today’s Tube strike.

A friendly reminder of what to expect.

Don't forget it's #Tubestrike in London this weekend

To help we've launched a new map to get you around the network pic.twitter.com/w7PI0zU6Cq

— Train Guard (@ConductorSam) January 6, 2017

Never miss an advertising opportunity.

Inconvenienced by #TubeStrike ? It could be worse, you could be making your final journey. https://t.co/BOju5ZaVdp pic.twitter.com/Zz63FpZLyA

— PERFECT FUNERALS (@perfectfunerals) January 9, 2017

Time to get tactical.

Sleeping extra then blaming it on the Underground strike even though you take Overground #TubeStrike pic.twitter.com/ETLBKPaJoA

— Made (@MadeManJama) January 9, 2017

The horror.

.@BBCLondonNews Londoners are talking to each other and everything. pic.twitter.com/SUDJjiQUh6

— Murray Burnell (@Murray_Burnell) January 9, 2017

Go to the Winchester, have a pint and wait for this all to blow over.

Remember today during the #TubeStrike most stations have a Wetherspoon pub in walking distance so just come in and get mangled instead. 👍🍻

— JD WETHERSP00N (@WetherspoonsUK) January 9, 2017

Disclaimer: This tweet is from a spoof account and doesn’t represent Wetherspoons.


British life.

*12 buses, 6 Ubers, crawls the final 2 streets*

Colleague: how was your journey in?

Me: yeah, not bad thanks.@SoVeryBritish #TubeStrike

— Jamie McCormack (@timeforjamie) January 9, 2017

Never fear, Boris is here

Relief for commuters after it is revealed temporary drivers will be brought in during #TubeStrike pic.twitter.com/SWiJ0HKcT5

— rarerump (@rarerump) January 8, 2017

‘You don’t know what I’ve seen, man’

Co-worker: How was your bus ride in this morning?

Me: Ummm… #TubeStrike pic.twitter.com/gN7IUf4Y3B

— Marty Perkins (@wherethemartyat) January 9, 2017

Make it rain…

That's my Uber driver just arrived. #TubeStrike pic.twitter.com/WHQ6v23fhy

— Stansaid Airport (@StansaidAirport) January 9, 2017

That’s one way to avoid the buses.

Loved the commuter taking to his scooter today along The Thames #TubeStrike pic.twitter.com/ZHHqixS4XI

— Nigel Bowles (@NigelBowles) January 9, 2017

‘Go on without me….tell my family I love them’

5 minutes into my hour long walk to work #TubeStrike pic.twitter.com/90OjuXq0te

— Luke Johnson (@ThatGuyLukey) January 9, 2017

Way too casual with the bus announcements


When you finally arrive at work after battling through the #southernstrike and #TubeStrike pic.twitter.com/CySmhdgHtM

— Southern Memes (@SouthernMemes) January 9, 2017

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Here are the best takes on today’s Tube strike.
2017/01/09 17:03
British life.
2017/01/09 17:04