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Immigration the missing piece of the COVID economic recovery

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Summary | 8 Annotations
Population growth will be the missing piece of Australia’s economic recovery out of the coronavirus pandemic
2021/03/16 10:40
net migration will be in a deficit of 72,000 and a deficit of 22,000 people in 2021-22
2021/03/16 10:42
jurisdictions such as NSW and the ACT pushing for their return
2021/03/16 10:42
NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet last week called for a portion of inbound arrivals to be made available to students to keep the university sector and other businesses that rely on them sustainable for one more year.
2021/03/16 10:43
Morrison government has resisted such calls saying the almost 40,000 Australians looking to come home should be given priority
2021/03/16 10:43
shake up short-term visas to make sure they were meeting business needs.
2021/03/16 10:44
where Australians do not fill these jobs
2021/03/16 10:44
extra supply leads to extra demand
2021/03/16 10:44