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These are the winners and losers of the electric vehicle race (so far) — Quartz

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Summary | 6 Annotations
AlixPartners, a global business advisory firm, launched a new index this month to track the progress of companies and countries electrifying their vehicle fleets.
2017/10/25 06:51
As a whole, the world is barely off the starting line. Globally, the share of electric vehicles (EV), not including hybrids, is under half a percent
2017/10/25 06:51
No country has done more (on a per capita basis) than Norway to go electric. In September, all-electric and hybrid vehicles accounted for a record 60% of new car sales,
2017/10/25 06:51
27% of new cars sales in Norway this June were fully electric. Those numbers are still rising fast thanks to generous subsidies and incentive policies.
2017/10/25 06:51
. China seized the lead in 2014, and shows no signs of slowing. It is growing at twice the global average rate of 42% per year, according to Fleetcarma, despite being the world’s largest market. Globally, China accounted for 45% of all EV sales last year
2017/10/25 06:52
It found that China leads the pack with total potential range of 13 million miles for all-electric vehicles, nearly triple the US, its nearest contender.
2017/10/25 06:53