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Summary | 4 Annotations
While all industries have been postponing physical events due to mandated social distancing measures, designers have adapted quickly and pivoted to virtually showcasing work in exciting ways.
2020/07/02 15:57
1stdibs, the fine art, antiques, and jewelry online marketplace with a loyal following in the A&D community
2020/07/02 15:57
Ten designers, including Hall-of-Famer Lee Mindel, Nicole Fuller, and Gil Melott, each with their own distinct taste and style, gave an artistic facelift to an iconic room they've always adored.
2020/07/02 15:57
"We’re delighted to launch a virtual showhouse, giving design lovers from around the world the opportunity to see the magic that interior designers can create when they have no constraints to their imaginations or budget," says Anthony Barzilay Freund, editorial director and director of fine art at 1stdibs.
2020/07/02 15:58