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What employees really think about working from home

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Summary | 10 Annotations
three in four
2020/10/07 22:19
seven in 10
2020/10/07 22:19
concerned about recognition and career progression
2020/10/07 22:19
become disposable
2020/10/07 22:19
need to show they are being productive working remotely
2020/10/07 22:22
more time in meetings and a quarter said their workload has increased
2020/10/07 22:23
spending more time reporting
2020/10/07 22:23
42 per cent) are working longer hours.
2020/10/07 22:23
ive days a week working from home is not ideal
2020/10/07 22:24
doing tasks and are missing the cohesion and banter
2020/10/07 22:24