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Illegal dinner party leads to 5000 Tasmanians in quarantine

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Summary | 17 Annotations
5000 people have been forced into quarantine as the island state deals with an outbreak in the medical community,
2020/04/14 00:55
trading halt to consider "ongoing issues with respect to financial assistance and restructuring alternatives"
2020/04/14 00:55
t 59 Qantas workers were infected w
2020/04/14 00:56
d 750 are in quarantine.
2020/04/14 00:57
rightly been shocked at how Qantas has mismanaged the virus pandemic among its staff, by
2020/04/14 00:57
This development comes a day after news broke that the government was on the verge of signing a new assistance package to underwrite some critical domestic routes operated by Virgin and competitor Qantas.
2020/04/14 01:05
voluntary administration
2020/04/14 01:07
underwrite flights between capital cities
2020/04/14 01:08
The Australian market is big enough for two well-managed domestic carriers
2020/04/14 01:08
ould reach 26 per cent if toug
2020/04/14 02:00
online food delivery
2020/04/14 02:00
hardware retailers
2020/04/14 02:00
Data storage services
2020/04/14 02:00
new data centres
2020/04/14 02:00
Food ordering platform
2020/04/14 02:00
an increase in home improvement activity.
2020/04/14 02:01
rth-west was a rumour.
2020/04/14 02:02