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Summary | 5 Annotations
Ocado claims that its 350,000-square-foot warehouse in Dorden, near the U.K.’s second city of Birmingham, is more heavily automated than Amazon’s warehouse facilities.
2016/12/29 10:21
Ocado’s algorithms monitor demand for products and use the information to map out an optimal storage scheme, so that popular items are always within easy reach.
2016/12/29 10:22
Once an order is packed, it’s hauled off in a large truck and taken to a distribution center to be loaded into a van. Each van then embarks on a delivery route that can be carefully optimized according to factors such as customer time preferences, traffic, and even weather.
2016/12/29 10:23
The robots scuttle around, passing within centimeters of each other, at up to nine miles per hour . Orders relayed via a specially designed 4G network instruct the robots to grab crates and shuttle them to the edge of the grid, where pickers can grab the needed products.
2016/12/29 10:28
Clarke suggests that the company could acquire consumption data from your smart fridge, listen to what recipes you’re talking about via a smart assistant like Amazon’s Alexa
2016/12/29 10:30