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The best place to work in the tech industry for maximum pay

The UK doesn't come close  Credit: Getty

Technology workers in London earn 60pc more than the city average, according to figures released by a specialist recruitment company. 

On average, people who work in the technology industry earned £56,000 in 2016, compared with £34,892 for the rest of the capital.

The figure is even higher for foreign born workers, who earned 28pc more than their British counterparts in tech jobs.

Despite being significantly above the national wage, the UK's tech sector isn't as well remunerated as its counterpart in other countries, including the US and Australia. 

"London tech salaries are among the lowest in the world," said Mehul Patel, the chief executive of Hired.

According to analysis of the job's advertised...

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Summary | 7 Annotations
echnology workers in London earn 60pc more than the city average
2017/02/09 13:16
earned £56,000 in 2016, compared with £34,892 for the rest of the capital.
2017/02/09 13:16
According to analysis of the job's advertised on Hired, London-based tech workers earned almost half their equivalents in San Francisco,
2017/02/09 13:17
UK. The industry relies heavily on non-UK citizens, who make up 18pc of all employees in the sector
2017/02/09 13:18
You've already got a talent shortage with 30pc of engineers coming from elsewhere. Brexit will make it harder.
2017/02/09 13:18
Hired is a recruitment app that selects the best "knowledge workers" from a pool of applicants and gets companies to apply to them.
2017/02/09 13:18
Tesco and Expedia approach jobseekers with technical skills. It has a pool of 81,000 candidates and 2,800 companies on its platform. 
2017/02/09 13:19