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Summary | 12 Annotations
In September 2016, almost 50 years of constant breeding and conservation, the giant panda was removed from the endangered species list
2019/06/18 12:07
once upon a time, the humble alligator was on the verge of extinction, thanks to the popularity of its skin as material for shoes, jackets, and bags.
2019/06/18 12:09
South Africa’s white rhino went from discovery to near-extinction in just 75 years.
2019/06/18 12:09
But in 1885, 20 remaining white rhinos were discovered in a remote location in Kwazulu-Natal. They were protected and bred for more than a hundred years, and there are now a robust 20,000 white rhinos in the wild.
2019/06/18 12:09
In the 1970s, however, when it was discovered that there were only about 140 left, the grizzly was placed on the Endangered Species List in 1975
2019/06/18 12:10
Now, there are around 1200 wandering around Yellowstone and the Rocky Mountain West—and about 50,000 in the world
2019/06/18 12:10
The Siberian tiger—the biggest cat in the world, native to Russia, China and Korea—was heavily hunted until the mid-1940s, when Russia finally banned killing tigers
2019/06/18 12:10
The island fox, which is endemic to California's Channel Islands, suffered a 90 percent population decrease in the 1990s, when pesticide use wiped out bald eagles on the islands
2019/06/18 12:13
the monkeys' numbers dwindled to around 200 after 93 percent of the rainforest was cut and cleared.
2019/06/18 12:15
the wood stork’s population has dropped by 90 percent since the 1930s, landing it on the endangered species list in.
2019/06/18 12:17
There is only one true kind of wild horse left on the entire planet—and that’s Przewalski’s horse.
2019/06/18 12:18
Today there are about 50 animals. With such small numbers, they're still considered endangered.
2019/06/18 12:18