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Mari Campuzano
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My Web Markups - Mari Campuzano
  • convenient location
  • Does your receptionist immediately and enthusiastically greet visitors with a welcoming phrase like, “Welcome to XYZ Motors, I’m Amy, how may I assist you today?” Are your bathrooms clean all the time? Like, sparkling clean?
  • value-added packages like free oil changes, engines for life, or complimentary service loaners?
  • make should absolutely be included
  • desks free of clutter, the staff professionally attired, and their faces beaming with friendly smiles?
  • your showroom, does it smell nice, look nice, feel nice (temperature and mood)?
  • pertains as much to service
  • Do you have wi-fi?
  • unusual?
  • rental department with discounted rates for customers?
  • do you accept trade-ins?
  • large selection
  • discounted prices
  • your team
  • When someone drives on your lot, are they greeted with a warm, welcoming smile and wave, or are they hovered over by a scowl in a suit eager to “claim” them?
  • welcoming, stress-free environment
  • Make your dealership brag-worthy, to the best of your ability with the resources available
  • do you serve (relatively) hot, fresh coffee?
  • Do you offer
  • anything
  • Could you?
  • will you deliver the vehicle to their home or office along with a salesman to complete the paperwork
  • ood. Talk about it all. Can the shopper fill out a credit application on your website
  • begin paperwork before they arrive to shorten the length of the visit
  • pre-owned vehicles inspected and meticulously reconditioned
  • Do you offer buy-back, trade-in, or time-bound guarantees on your cars
  • trade appraisal
  • Does your dealership hold community outreach events such as Ladies Car Care Clinics, Food Drives for the Homeless, Child I.D. Days, cookouts when the weather is warm, giveaways, contests, promotional events with music, food and door prizes? Is your dealership a fun place to spend time?
  • improve customer experience
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