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  • “What’s maddening for the consumer is that you buy a shirt that says ‘100% cotton,’ and yet you’re given no information about any of the chemicals or additives that have been used.”
  • “It’s always in your best interest to wash clothing before wearing,” he says. Nilsson agrees, saying washing new clothes “reduces the content of chemicals,” especially residual chemicals that may be left over from the manufacturing process.
  • Unfortunately, Nilsson says, “these chemicals are so far not well studied regarding skin uptake or related health effects” in humans, so it’s not clear whether exposure to these chemicals in your clothing could make you sick.
  • Allergic rashes aren’t the only health issue associated with clothing chemicals. In a 2014 study, a group of researchers from Stockholm University in Sweden tested 31 clothing samples purchased at retail stores, and that were “diverse in color, material, brand, country of manufacture, and price, and intended for a broad market.” They found a type of chemical compound called “quinoline” (or one of its derivatives) in 29 of the 31 samples, and the levels of this chemical tended to be especially high in polyester garments. Quinoline is used in clothing dyes, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has classified it as a “possible human carcinogen” based on some studies linking it to “tumor-initiating activity” in mice—though the agency also states that no human studies have been conducted to assess the cancer-causing potential of quinoline.
  • It’s not clear how common disperse-dye allergies are among the general public. But there is one way to limit your risk for bad reactions: “By washing new clothing, you might remove a little extra dye and so have a lower exposure,” Nedorost says.
  • “If a patient comes in and has a rash around the back of the neck and along their sides around their armpits, the first question I ask is what they wear when they work out,” she says.
  • Allergic contact dermatitis is an immune system-related reaction to an allergen that has come into contact with your skin. It causes a delayed reaction: a rash that appears a few days after exposure, and then can last for weeks. “When we see allergic contact dermatitis from clothing, it’s usually from disperse dyes,” says Dr. Susan Nedorost, a professor of dermatology at Case Western Reserve University and director of the dermatitis program at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center. Disperse dyes are primarily used in synthetic clothing materials like polyester and nylon, Nedorost says. And they may be present at higher levels in a brand-new, unwashed article of clothing.
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  • 6. Identify Your Ikigai The Japanese define purpose with the concept of “ikigai.”  Ikigai is the intersection of what you love, what you are good at, what the world needs and what you can get paid for.
  • 5. Identify What Gives Your Life Meaning and Purpose AND Makes You Happy The traditional pursuits of retirement: hobbies, volunteer work, travel, part time jobs, exercise, friends, leisure, family and more can all offer you meaning, purpose and happiness. 
  • 4. Take Care of Your Finances In 1943, psychologist Abraham Maslow theorized that the most fundamental human needs are physiological (air, water, food, clothing and shelter) and safety (personal and financial security, health and well-being). These basic needs must be met before an individual can focus on secondary and higher level needs such as love and belonging, esteem and self-actualization.
  • 3. Meet With a Life Coach You may work with a financial advisor to help guide your investing and saving choices, but did you realize that there are life coaches that specialize in helping you transition to life after retirement? Just as a financial advisor can help you navigate the complex and sometimes emotional choices in your financial life, a retirement coach can do the same with personal choices faced by people at or near retirement. A retirement coach can help you view retirement not as an ending, but as a transition into a new, exciting phase of life. You may have planned your retirement financially and even planned where you wanted to retire, but what else are you going to do for the next 20, 30, or 40 years? Be prepared for some tough questions about life and death, regrets or forgotten dreams. They might help lead you to part-time work, humanitarian efforts, entrepreneurial adventures, or even artistic pursuits that you hadn’t considered before. A retirement coach can also help navigate intangibles such as building a new social network and finding value in how you spend your time.
  • 2. Try an Mindfulness App Mindfulness apps are all the rage right now. The idea behind most of them is to help you with being aware of how you are feeling and learn to control your thoughts which will result in more happiness and meaning in your life. Headspace: Start with their calming one-minute breathing exercise to see if this is something for you. Calm: Voice led meditation and a range of calming background sounds. Stop, Breath and Think: This app checks in with how you are feeling and recommends a meditation based on your mood. 365 Gratitude: 365 Gratitude is a science-based app that will motivate you to cultivate a grateful mindset in just 5 minutes a day.  Gratitude is a key component of feeling and finding meaning.
  • 1. Hit the Books to Find Meaning for Life After Retirement When you were choosing a college major or career, did you ever turn towards books to help you zero in on your passions? Maybe it’s time to reread those guides. When you listen to podcasts or read interviews from visionaries and millionaires, one of the most common pieces of advice you’ll hear is to read a book. That advice works as well for pursuing a passion in a career as it does for finding your meaning for life after retirement.
  • Frankl believed that the very pursuit of happiness is what thwarts happiness, but once you have a reason to be happy – i.e. a meaning – happiness comes automatically. Happiness is about looking inward. It’s about satisfying your needs and wants. Happiness without meaning results in a shallow, self-absorbed life. When things go well, when your needs and desires are satisfied, you’re happy. When things get difficult, watch out. Meaning is different. It’s focused outwards, on others. It’s about taking care of others and contributing to your community or society as a whole. When we see our purpose as larger than ourselves, we no longer need to pursue happiness. It comes naturally, even in the face of temporary setbacks and discomforts.
  • While we’re in the daily grind of working for a living, we often visualize life after retirement as happy, stress-free relaxation. Getting a little R&R is certainly important, but there is a limit to the amount of napping, puttering around the house and daytime television a person can take. Without a plan for life after retirement, many retirees find themselves feeling vaguely unfulfilled and restless, craving something more but not knowing what that something might be.
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  • Every autumn, birds migrating from the Americas - including several endemic species - make a pitstop on the island, making this prime territory for twitchers. There are several expert-led birdwatching packages available if you fancy giving it a whirl.
  • entire Moinho da Cascata, where a terrace overlooks the sea and a waterfall tumbles down a cliff in the distance.
  • The small and wonderfully welcoming hamlet of Faja Grande is the most westerly village in Europe and about as far removed from modern-day stresses as one could hope.
  • Quinta das Grotas
  • Set in a stone-built house in Guadalupe, it serves Graciosa specialities alongside it's signature dishes of seafood cooked on roof tiles.
  • For something a little quieter and under-the-radar, visit São Lourenço, a beautiful village in which white houses and terraced vineyards tumble down into a bay
  • Santa Maria is famed for its handcrafted textiles
  • the remnants of two submerged volcanic craters, Capelinhos and Caldeira.
  • If volcanic landscapes are your thing, head north to the unusual lava formations of the Arcos do Cachorro, where the coastline is perforated with grottoes, tunnels and arches.
  • of Angra's 18th-centurygolden age -
  • To experience Azorean culture beyond the hubbub of Sāo Miguel, make a beeline for Angra do Heroísmo, where cobbled streets are lined with historic buildings reminiscent of Angra's 18th-century golden age - the Igreja da Misericordia ("the Church of Mercy") is a particularly beautiful, very blue, focal point.
  • Its various accommodation options are serviced by a restaurant, organic food shop and craft workshops.
  • The former is surrounded by Monte Brazil, overlooking the Bay of Silveira.
  • Hotel do Caracol
  • Bathe in the clay-brown thermal pool at Parque Terra Nostra and don't miss the ruins of Monte Palace Hotel, the Aqueduct, the Caldeira Velha, the Ponta do Canário, the Ponta da Ferraria and the Portas da Cidade.
  • The twin lakes of Lagoa das Sete Cidades - one blue and one green - lie together in the crater of a dormant volcano; hike the 12km circuit around the lakes, with several routes down to the water's edge.
  • the island's most popular restaurant - for just-off-the-boat tuna steak, smoked black pudding and pineapple cake; Taberna Açor for cured meats; or the no-fuss Mané Cigano where plates are piled high with grilled-to-perfection sardines.
  • In Ponta Delgada, try A Tasca
  • It's minimalist lofts and apartments set in former tea-plantation buildings are prime for those seeking a boutique, design-forward stay.
  • On the island's northern coast, Pico do Refúgio is a heady cocktail of nature, art and contemporary design
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  • It's a bittersweet tale, but one that shows happiness can be found in the most unexpected places.
  • Set in Oklahoma, it follows four generations of Cherokee women across four decades as they persevere in the face of poverty, wildfires, oil spills and violence.
  • Through their relationships, Dolan dissects how modern love interplays with privilege, power and self-searching.
  • It draws parallels between racial tensions in the US today and in the years following the civil rights movement of the late 60s, while encouraging readers to "reimagine hope".
  • Writings are drawn from a diverse crowd including Haitian-American novelist Edwidge Danticat, Anuradha Roy in the Himalayas and Margaret Atwood, who pens a dystopian poem.
  • Open relationships, racial dynamics and class form the backbone of Leilani's darkly humorous yet insightful debut novel. Aspiring artist Edie loses her job and moves in with the married man she's been sleeping with… and his family.
  • When the two form an unlikely bond, their friendship teeters into strange, heartbreaking territory.
  • Sixteen-year-old Olivia's search for her missing father leads her to an offbeat enlightenment retreat in the mountains where leaders claim that they can teach people to fly. As you might have guessed, things take a sinister turn
  • Disease? Check. Quarantine? Check. If you thought that Donoghue - the author behind bestseller-turned-blockbuster Room - s
  • We recommend picking up this funny yet heartfelt book if you've recently found it all too easy to feel cut off from your pals. (
  • There will be many books written about the year 2020: historical, analytic, political and comprehensive accounts. This is not any of those." Instead, it's a short, intimate read that feels like a gesture of connection in these unprecedented times.
  • honest portrait of the Black immigrant experience in the American South. For more on the immigrant diaspora, try Brown Album by Porochista Khakpour.
  • A terrorist attack on a train in India unites three otherwise disparate characters: a Muslim girl from the slums of Bengal, a right-wing gym teacher and a trans woman who aspires to be an actress.
  • Maggie finds five letters in her will, each addressed to mysterious men and - you guessed it - she sets off on a road trip to hand-deliver them
  • , The High Low host's essays explore the anxieties and agendas that consume our modern lives, and interrogate the stories we tell ourselves.
  • So has journalist and new mum Elisabeth, the protagonist of Friends and Strangers, who has moved from New York City to small-town America - that is until she meets babysitter Sam.
  • Her latest fiction follows the chilling story of a lonely, 72-year-old widow determined to solve a murder myster
  • Bennet's tale follows twins Desiree and Stella who run away from their Deep South town aged 16.
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  • Bijou", "bougie" and "chi-chi" are all often used in conjunction with Kastellorizo. It might be the largest island in an archipelago of the same name, but ferries to the Kastellorizo only run a couple of times a week, meaning it has remained a highly exclusive destination.
  • A visit isn't complete without ogling the subaquatic majesty of Alonissos' Marine Park, the largest marine-protected area in Europe.
  • Fortunately, its time in the spotlight has not resulted in boatloads of tourists making their way to its shores; island life remains fairly unspoiled. Sunburnt landscapes, quiet tavernas and cobbled towns are yours for the taking - just don't start singing.
  • Visit Hozoviotissa monastery, dramatically built into the rock-face by hand. Rocky terrain means Amorgos is also an excellent place to hike; it's said that wherever you are on the island, you can always see the blue sea all around you.
  • This tiny island (it's less than 12km by 4km) is spectacular; emerald-green water,
  • Head to the green north of the island to horseback ride and hike across the fertile landscape with lush vegetation continuing all the way down to the coastline.
  • A Byzantine fort, harbour town built in the style of Mussolini's Italy and ancient shipwrecks scattered off the coast are just some of the delights that await.
  • but this quiet island is steeped in history.
  • Named after Icarus, the doomed youth who flew too close to the sun, this wing-shaped island seems to have magical properties; residents live longer than almost anywhere else in the world.
  • Visiting the island is like going back in time; traditional village life plays out with inhabitants sitting outside their houses in the cool evening breeze - a far cry from the summer humdrum of Mykonos or Corfu.
  • think sun-parched mountains ringed by green-blue waters, with plenty of shoreline tavernas in which to while away the hours
  • Make a pitstop at Chora Castle, a 13th-century Venetian fort with impressive views of the island. The idyllic capital of Chora is packed with higgledy-piggledy artisan shops; look out for handwoven fabrics and locally gathered sea salt.
  • Samothraki is a boho enclave of sleepy villages with panoramic views; visit for the hundreds of natural pools and waterfalls scattered across the island.
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  • Americans, have no fear — the future of retirement may not be as bleak as you fear.
  • The gender gap in Social Security benefits will narrow, women’s increased lifetime earnings will bolster how much money they get in retirement and retirement incomes in general will continue to rise, according to the Urban Institute, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank for economic and social policy research. “What struck me most was the realization that the sky is not falling for retirement security,” said Richard Johnson, an economist at the Urban Institute.
  • The Urban Institute measured numerous factors in retirement income, including Social Security, earnings, pensions, government benefits, and retirement account withdrawals.
  • The caveat: Social Security must remain completely intact. Right now the trust funds supporting the program are facing depletion by 2035, and if that occurs, retirees will see only 80% of the benefits their owed, according to the Social Security Administration’s trustees report released earlier this year. Should Social Security see this shortfall, 38% of Generation X and 40% of Xennials won’t be able to replace at least 75% of their preretirement income.
  • The gender gap in earnings has yet to close — or come close — but the gap in Social Security benefits is lessening. This gap is expected to fall from 37% for pre-boomers to 15% for Xennials. Xennial women may see a median of $22,000 in annual Social Security income at age 70 (versus the men’s $26,000), compared with pre-boomer women, who had an annual Social Security benefit of $13,100 (compared with pre-boomer men’s median of $20,800).
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  • It’s beautiful and very rich
  • but a staple lunch option for me is the chicken shawarma wrap, a freshly cooked Lebanese flat bread filled with thin slices of amazing chicken, loads of salad, tahini, yoghurt and spicy sauce
  • Dog Track is a new restaurant in the centre of Belfast that has a sushi-style conveyor belt, only it’s serving tapas. There is lots of stuff for under a fiver. Today, because it’s cold out, I had a beef cheek and horseradish ravioli with tomato and basil ragu, spinach and parmesan.
  • We host a lot of international guest chefs at our restaurant and after work they don’t really want to eat fancy food, they want to eat dirty Scottish stuff
  • When I ate there, I had an amazing pulled pork sandwich from Ròst – the meat was really moist, the seasoning was great, there was a nice apple and celeriac coleslaw in it,
  • The guy who runs it, Giuseppe Scarpetta, is a proper chef and he uses really good meat from HJ Edwards, the butchers next door, who also supply my restaurant.
  • Right around the corner from my restaurant in Liverpool is this great place. They do small plates and have some really good vegan options, such as these sweet potato wedges. If you get the three-for-£12 deal at lunch, I would also recommend the roasted cauliflower with almonds, pomegranate, tahini, yoghurt, harissa and herbs – it is outstanding.
  • The red bean rice cake is a favourite
  • You can get two or three really tasty things for under a fiver and they really fill you up.
  • Kowloon is one of the oldest bakeries in Chinatown.
  • Philip Clayton at Haxby Bakehouse makes amazing bread and pastries, and savoury things, too
  • They are £1.30 each, so you can get three for under a fiver, and you get a weird mix of ingredients – tofu skins, pig intestine, konjac, Spam – all boiled in a very delicious salty, spicy broth
  • The black bean, cheese and spinach one is a winner. You can’t help but start to munch as soon as you leave the shop
  • the light bite at Millers in Haxby is exactly the right size, and it’s a proper treat to have perfect fish and chips that you want to bury your face in and weep salty tears of joy
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  • Though there is an assortment of brand-new and fully redesigned passenger cars hitting the road for 2020 model year, their numbers are dwindling as buyers are instead choosing sport-utility vehicles as their rides of choice. Stalwart sedans like the Chevrolet Impala and Ford Taurus are being discontinued, with the number of small cars in particular thinning rapidly. While there were 26 subcompact models on the market as recently as 2016, they’re down to just 17 for 2019, with the Ford Fiesta and Chevrolet Sonic reportedly bowing out at the end of the current model year.
  • The famed British exotic sports-car maker Aston Martin is building a full-electric version of the gorgeous and capable Rapide coupe. It comes wrapped in aluminum and carbon fiber body panels, and packs dual rear-mounted motors that generate over 600 horsepower with 700 pound-feet of torque. That should enable a 0-60 mph time under four seconds; top speed is 155 mph
  • Cadillac introduces a new compact luxury sedan for 2020, the CT4. Adorned with uncluttered styling, it fills the slot in the lineup that was vacated when the ATS was discontinued. Few details on the base model are available as of this writing, but we do know it will be rear drive with all-wheel-drive available, and come powered by a turbocharged four-cylinder engine with a 10-speed automatic
  • A mid-engine Chevy Corvette has been rumored for decades and it’s a reality for 2020. Carrying the famed Stingray moniker, it’s the most aggressively styled ‘Vette yet, with a wild exotic-car appearance. It comes with removable roof panels that can be stored in the forward-situated trunk.
  • A new name in the auto business, a Canadian company called Electra Meccanica says it will begin selling a new three-wheel single-passenger EV called Solo by year’s end. It looks a bit odd with its abbreviated styling, but will start at just $16,250.
  • Supercar maker McLaren debuts its first grand touring car for 2020, the appropriately named GT. A grand tourer is traditionally a more accommodating alternative to a flat out sports car that can be used as a daily driver or taken on extended road trips comfortably. The GT rides on a carbon fiber structure and its super sleek bodywork
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  • In a nod to the small business community, the Department of Labor issued a final rule earlier this week that may nudge more employers to offer joint retirement plans—MEPs—but it’s not all that employers were hoping for. “This is NOT the MEPs that everyone has been so excited about,” says Nevin Adams, chief of marketing for the American Retirement Association via email.
  • Texas. It also clarifies that Professional Employment Organizations (benefits providers) that sponsor MEPs are okay to be doing so (it was a grey area under DOL regs before). And there’s a new exception that lets worker/owners without employees into PEO MEPs. Before, employers had to have a commonality of interest to form a MEP: An engineering association, for example, could have a “closed” ME
  • Technically, what the DOL rule does is broaden the definition of employer. So, “bona fide” employer groups or associations and Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) may act as an “employer” for purposes of sponsoring a MEP. The idea is that by banding together they can negotiate lower fees and pass those cost savin
  • There’s no question there is a lack of coverage: more than 28 million full-time private sector employees and more than 23 million part-timers do not have access to a workplace 401(k) retirement plan, according to the American Retirement Association.
  • offloads the plan administrator role and that fiduciary responsibility. But the employer is still the plan sponsor and has that fiduciary role. That’s something else that the DOL RFI hopes to address.
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  • Living in a UBRC that is connected to a top-tier medical and research center can be a huge benefit for the aging population. If having access to the best doctors and researches and therefore the best treatment options and medical procedures is a main priority
  • Living in a college town can help all parties involved avoid this problem altogether.
  • more reliable in college towns. There are also more readily available ride-sharing options like Uber UBER, -0.63%  and Lyft LYFT, -1.57% that retirees can take advantage of instead of having to always ask a friend or family member.
  • RCs are privately-owned retirement communities in college towns with a connection to a local college or university that offers benefits to retirees. UBRCs are not all the same, but most of them include these elements: a location usually within one mile of the school, a formal program that integrates the community and the school, continuing care with both independent and assisted living options, and a proven relationship between the housing provider and the school.
  • With retirement lasting as long as 40 years, new retirees may struggle to keep their calendar full, but living near a college or university can help fill all your newfound free time in a rewarding and enriching way. Schools that are part of a UBRC offer a variety of options for the aging population to pursue education, like auditing classes or attending guest lectures and other university events. Others have courses that were specifically developed for retirees at little to no cost.
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  • Smart phones  and the internet not only keep you in touch with family and friends, but digital wealth is quickly becoming the future of financial plann
  • Technology has streamlined nearly every aspect of our lives, especially personal finance. With the tap of a button, consumers can update beneficiaries on investment accounts, check their portfolios, and read financial statements. It’s not surprising that the boomer generation will quickly adopt these solutions due to the complexity in their lives, including mixed families, supporting children and parents, and trying to enjoy their own lives. 
  • Fitbits are a great analogy. Like financial technology, it presents point-of-time decision making reminders to change behavior and increase productivity. If I missed my daily step goals on Fitbit, for example, it might prompt me to go for a walk around my neighborhood late in the day. This mindset hasn’t been fully realized in the financial space, but will. If a financial app or technology portal closely tracks my spending behaviors, you bet it will make me second-guess that splurge at the mall.
  • That said, technology will increase the reliance on traditional financial advisors. The abundance of personal financial data available to consumers will ultimately leave them with more questions on their individual situations, thus sparking the need for professional advice. My favorite analogy is WebMD, which didn’t eliminate the need for doctors. It presents you with all of the possible scenarios related to your symptoms and, more often than not, causes you to quickly draw conclusions (often incorrectly) on your health issue.
  • Boomer: How are the boomer generations investing behaviors impacting the advisory industry?
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  • the team at helicopter glamping started the project by purchasing the decommissioned sea king in an online auction,
  • an intimate cockpit seating area boasts views over the carse of stirling in scotland
  • a mini kitchen, shower room, and bed in the tail offer comfortable and homelike living
  • un dome and doubled glazed patio doors added to the side of the helicopter let in natural light and lead to a decked area where guests can enjoy views of the hills. inside the cockpit, the flight deck has been refitted with swivel seats and a table made from an old fuel tank cover, allowing visitors to experience the helicopter in its original glory. inside, a mini kitchen, shower room, and bed in the tail offer comfortable and homelike living an intimate cockpit seating area boasts views over the carse of stirling in scotland signage, lighting, and paintwork were all restored to original condition nina azzarello I designboom aug 02, 2017 98 62 4 27 have something to add? share your thoughts in our comments section below. name (required) e-mail (will not be published) (required) text comments policy LOG IN designboom's comment policy guidelines generally speaking, if we publish something, it's because we're genuinely interested in the subject. we hope you'll share this interest and if you know even more about it, please share! our goal in the discussion threads is to have good conversation and we prefer constructive opinions. we and our readers have fun with entertaining ones. designboom welcomes alerts about typos, incorrect names, and the like. the correction is at the discretion of the post editor and may not happen immediately. what if you disagree with what we or another commenter has to say? 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'among the basic lifestyle needs of clothing, food, and shelter, food is the most fundamental and indispensable aspect,' explains the japanese retail brand. architecture in japan (310 articles)architecture in tokyo (8 articles) #design 1277 jul 31, 2017 made of bamboo launches hand crafted toy cars using eco-friendly materials #design made of bamboo's toy cars are hand crafted using eco-friendly materials with minimal industrial processing. made of bamboo's toy cars are hand crafted using eco-friendly materials with minimal industrial processing. bamboo architecture and design (189 articles)toys (8 articles) #readers#design 1741 jul 28, 2017 three designboom competitions live now - share your work with the world! #design find out how you can have your work exposed to some of the most important players in the global design scene, and share your ideas with a far-reaching and highly » find out how you can have your work exposed to some of the most important players in the global design scene, and share your ideas with a far-reaching and highly influential audience. #design 292 jul 24, 2017 LEXUS DESIGN AWARD 2018 call-for-entries now open! #design for the sixth year in a row, designboom collaborates with LEXUS to present the LEXUS DESIGN AWARD 2018 — this year's theme is 'CO-'. for the sixth year in a row, designboom collaborates with LEXUS to present the LEXUS DESIGN AWARD 2018 — this year's theme is 'CO-'. 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  • a mini kitchen, shower room, and bed in the tail offer comfortable and homelike living
  • this decommissioned sea king helicopter has taken on a new life as a hotel, providing guests with luxury accommodation inside the aircraft.
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