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My Web Markups - Lonan
  • WARNING: This story is just some stupid passion project. The story isn’t great so read at your own risk! Also, how did you find this?Exposition. . . .It was the middle of the day, here I was eating pancakes; that I had reheated in the microwave for a bit. I know, I’m really a cooking master. I decided I’m going to do something better, then masturbate in my apartment. I know my life is pathetic, I live alone working a nine-to-five grind; in this tiny ass, six hundred square foot apartment. One that I had to actually finance for ownership. I do have a job, and am currently trying to major in software engineering, but other than that. The monotonous, boring, existential dread and pain, is all I have for myself. Ok that was a bit dramatic but, what can you do when you’re all alone? So what do you do when you live in a lonely apartment, with a lonely person, that doesn’t even know he’s good enough for anyone, or even a romantic partner? I mean I could try to get one but, I don’t know if I even have a chance of anything good coming out of that. The only things I have are family and friends, that I love to death. I don’t think I'm doing enough, for any of them to deserve having me in their lives. Man fuck this shit getting all moapy, I’m going outside for a walk, at least it’ll get my mind straight. Something that my cousins and I both have trouble relating to. Oh god, how long has it been since I've gone on a walk like this, hell maybe it’s been an entire century? God almighty, looking at the sun makes my eyes water quite a bit. Well at least the neighborhood is nice, I see some dogs running around, children playing at the park, the general atmosphere is just very clean and relaxing. I’m glad everyone is having a good time, one of the neighbors walked up and said something to me but, I could care less. It’s whatever, as my response would probably just agitate them.The Confrontation. . . . “I’m strutting through this place, this is nic-,” I was cut off when I heard something strange.“What the hell was that?” I wondered, seriously starting to have an anxious feeling in my gut. That damn tunnel is making those noises, “this can't be good!” I thought to myself. “Damn, is some creep trying to kill me? Whatever it is I’m going t-” my mind was interrupted, when i could make out a vague figure; in the distance toward the other side of the tunnel.The figure addressed me with a shy tone of voice, “Hi, who are you?” I instantly fuck up our conversation “Hey uh, do you… walk with those two legs?” I said anxiously. “See? I’m such a dumbass…” I thought to myself as the words just spilled out almost like vomit.She then let out a Giggle, and spoke. “You’re such a good conversation starter Hehe.” “That was, a joke! I uhh…. am a comedian! Yes, a very terrible one with bad jokes so that you can laugh in a goofy manner.” I say with a bit of phantom confidence.  I was looking towards her general direction,“I can definitely tell that you’re a terrible comedian, but you look confused like I’m a ghost or something. You’re so bad with conversations.” The figure told me, with a bit of a chuckle between her words. She paused for a moment before continuing,“I am very good at conversations, but that’s not the point, who are you anyways?” She said as if somewhat offended.
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