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  • Bruno Polo managed two pizzerias owned by Vincent Zazzara. On March 28, 1985, about 8:30 p.m., Polo went to the home that Vincent Zazzara shared with his wife Maxine to deliver the day’s receipts from the restaurant and found the screen door unlocked and the front door ajar. Polo rang the doorbell and called out Vincent’s name, but received no response. He placed the receipts in the mail slot, as was his usual practice, and left. When Polo had not heard from Vincent Zazzara by the following morning, he and a fellow employee went back 4 to the Zazzaras’ house and found the door in the same position as the night before. They entered and found Vincent Zazzara lying dead on the couch in the den. He had been shot in the head from close range. Maxine Zazzara’s body was found in the bedroom lying on her bed, partially covered by a sheet. Her pajama top had been pulled up, exposing her breasts, and her pajama bottoms had been pulled down around her ankles. She had been shot in the head and neck at close range, stabbed in her neck, cheek, chest, abdomen, and pubic area, and her eyes had been cut out. Her eyes were never found. Drawers had been pulled out in the bedroom and bathroom, and clothing was strewn around the room. It later was determined that two .22-caliber bullets removed from Maxine Zazzara’s head and neck had been fired from the same gun later used to kill Chainarong K. Police discovered that the screen had been removed from a patio window at the Zazzara residence, which had been pried open. A bucket had been placed underneath the window. Footprints on the bucket and in the flower bed were made by an Avia athletic shoe.
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