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  • Unit 1 Topic 3 Progressivism Quiz_____1. Muckraker whoexposed the Tammy Hall political boss_____2. Muckraker who exposed Standard Oil_____3. A trust that reduces competition_____4. The amendment that prohibits the sell and distribution of alcohol_____5. The amendment that granted women the right to vote_____6. This man believed that the government should provide a “fair and square deal for all”_____7. Muckraker who exposed the meat packing industry_____8. Muckraker who exposed the conditions of Tenement Housing in New York through photos_____9. This means that voters were able to elect their own candidates for political office_____10. This change was put in place so that corrupt leaders were no longer put out of office but the legislature and court system, but by the voters. _____11. This piece of legislation was put in place so that governmental jobs could no longer be given to others as a favor, but people now had to prove that they were qualified by taking a test. _____12. This amendment created the gradual income tax that is now in place today._____13. This woman worked for shorter working hours for women and doing away with child labor._____14. This woman was the cofounder a socialist group formed by Eugene Debs._____15. This is one of the “Triple Wall of Privilege” that Wilson attacked in this domestic Policy._____16. This piece of legislation requires companies to list the ingredients in its products. ______17. This man created the Bull Moose party in the election of 1912 because he did not receive the Republican party nomination. _____18. This means that citizens are able to create bills themselves._____19. This means that citizens are able to keep their vote private. _____20. This is where women met to discuss the issue of voting rights for the first time._____21. This means voting rights. _____22. This woman was more on the radical end of obtaining voting rights and called for 24 hour a day picketing in front of the White House. _____23. This is a trust that reduces prices and promoted efficiency._____24.Under this President’s administration the Clayton Anti-trust Act and the Federal Reserve Act were passed._____25. Under this President’s administration 1 million acres of federal reserve land was sold to business owners in the West. BONUS: 1.This man is the co-founder of the NAACP that was started at the Niagara Falls Convention.2.What caused the Progressive movement to fizzle out/end? A.Woodrow WilsonB.William Howard TaftC.Ida TarbellD.Alice PaulE.BanksF.SuffrageG.19thH.16thI.Jacob RiisJ.Florence KellyK.GoodL.Upton SinclairM.Direct primar
  • I.Jacob Rii
  • L.Upton Sinclai
  • T.Theodore Roosevel
  • G.19t
  • O.18t
  • R.Ba
  • C.Ida Tarbe
  • Q
  • Thomas Nas
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