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Jordan Solofa
24 articles
My Web Markups - Jordan Solofa
  • not to cut down leaves or to tap the sweet milky wine
  • your great-grandmother was a powerful woman
  • they had to offer sacrifices to the Palm Tree Bandit first
  • women were allowed to climb palm trees
  • it was just something more to argue and giggle about.
  • it became a typical occurrence
  • when she woke up, she found another jug of palm wine wrapped in green fresh palm tree leaves inside her basket full of underwear
  • legs roped with muscle that could walk up a palm tree without using her hands, and her hair grew in the shape of palm leaves. Her skin was shiny from the palm oil she rubbed into it and her clothes were made of palm fibers.
  • she'd answer their call because she understood their problems
  • The Palm Tree Bandit was a nameless wandering woman with no man or children. And she had powers
  • the village priest, burned sacrificial leaves, hoping to appease whatever god was punishing the village
  • polluting spirit whose only reason for existing was to cause trouble
  • a story began to gel around her
  • calling her the Palm Tree Bandit
  • g
  • coworkers bought chocolates and cakes that day to soothe a mysterious cravin
  • smelled the sweetness on her and was reluctant to go to work
  • sweetest palm wine she'd ever tasted, as if only a split second ago it had dripped from the tree
  • She gasped and then giggled, a mixture of relief and awe. The carving pulsed and Yaya knew if she touched it, it would be pleasantly warm.
  • He hadn't seen her
  • third time.
  • heart, the sign for Erzulie, the village's Mother symbol
  • tapping palm wine from one of the trees and leaving the jug at the trunk of the tre
  • Cake proposed that the woman who did it had most likely evaporated. "And good riddance to bad rubbish,
  • setting them at the trunk of the tree
  • cut three huge leaves
  • carved a circle about a foot in diameter, her people's sign for female: a moon
  • shimmied up the trunk of one of the trees
  • uck out
  • snuck ou
  • "You know women aren't even supposed to climb palm trees, let alone drink it when it is sweet,
  • annoyed and intrigued him
  • n
  • married to a young conservative ma
  • whose job was to talk sense into families who were having internal disputes
  • Old Man Rum Cake, the village chief elder
  • all the men in the village liked to engage her in discussio
  • She'd argue
  • Her problem was her mouth.
  • Yaya
  • the offender
  • parents of the offender were cautioned and cleansing rituals were performed to appease the gods for her misdeed
  • Women were weak creatures and they should not be exposed to such harm
  • palm wine carried power to the first person to touch and drink it
  • Women were not allowed to climb palm trees for any reason
  • Wrap bunches of hair in thread and they all stick out like a pincushion
  • your hair is so thick, though, child
  • Most women back then wore their hair plaited or in thread wraps
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