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Christen Costa
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  • I bought my 1995 Fender Jazz American Standard in Tulsa OK in 1995.  I remember it like it was yesterday – it called to me from where it hung on the wall like Excalibur calling to Arthur.  I sat in the store and played it for an hour without ever plugging it in – the tone of it was loud & full even unamplified.  And the wood under my fingers, the roundness and depth of the neck as I gripped it – everything about it just felt like a match.  Since that day 25 years ago I have played this bass at every live show, and every recording session, never once feeling the need to play something else.  It can sound like almost any style or era, depending on how and where it’s touched.  It is nothing short of magic perfection.   In those 25 years it has been dropped, kicked, fallen off of guitar stands & tables, fallen out of vans and trailers, sat in the direct sun, had drinks spilled on it, been tossed 10 feet by baggage handlers, gone to 35,000 ft and back a thousand times at least, all without so much as going out of tune.  The last time it needed maintenance was in 2002 when it received a fret job.  In the meantime it has done over 200 shows a year.  I’d say that’s pretty dang durable.   When I pick it up, a part of me revels in the tradition of J-bass players that I admire – John Paul Jones, Aston “Family Man” Barrett, Billy Cox, & Jaco Pastorius, to name just a few.   Two stock passive pickups, rosewood neck, nothing fancy.  I paid $950 for it in 1995.  The value I have gotten from that purchase cannot be measured.  Highly recommended.
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