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Savannah Ekland
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  • The campaigning group also said that, on average, it took Facebook a week to remove fact-checked fake reports from its platform after being informed by independent groups the posts contained misinformation. The delay, according to Quran, allowed millions of people to view the falsehoods after the company knew they were bogus.
  • While the company subsequently deleted some posts, Quran from Avaaz said identical social media messages, including the same images and texts, had often spread like wildfire globally as others copied the misinformation to share it with their friends and families.
  • "We will need more transparency and better access to data for researchers to fully verify the scope and impact of false content," Vêra Jourová, the European Commission vice president, told POLITICO in a written statement.
  • So far, Facebook said that, based on the work of independent fact-checking organizations, it had labeled 40 million Facebook posts with warnings that the content may be false.
  • "Facebook, given its scale, is the epicenter for misinformation," Fadi Quran, Avaaz's campaign director, told POLITICO, adding that the company's efforts to combat the problem had steadily improved since the social network announced it would do all it could to stop the spread of such life-threatening falsehoods.
  • Millions of Facebook users will soon be told if they saw online posts containing misinformation about the coronavirus pandemic after the social networking giant announced Thursday its latest plans to contain the spread of rumors, half truths and lies connected to the public health crisis.
  • As part of its latest push to quell the spread of coronavirus misinformation, Facebook will show people who engaged with false content, which has now been deleted, messages that debunk those claims based on fact-checking efforts by the WHO. That includes claims that 5G mobile networks can spread the disease and rumors that hot climates can render people immune — posts that have since been removed.
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