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John G. Pedersen
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  • Ifølge FDM's beregninger står den meget populære Tesla Model 3 Long Range til at stige 135.000 kr. i afgift efter nytår, mens den nye VW ID.3 vil stige cirka 80.000 kr. i afgift. Plugin-hybridbiler står også til højere afgifter, og her vil blandt andre Danmarks mest populære plug-in-hybrid, Ford Kuga, stige med op mod 93.000 kr. i afgift. Der blev i juli mån
  • - Den stigning, der er udsigt til, er så voldsom, at den med al sandsynlighed vil sætte det spirende salg af elbiler i stå, sagde Ilyas Dogru,
  • FDM offentliggjorde i sidste uge beregninger, der viser, hvor meget de mest populære elbiler herhjemme vil stige i pris som følge af afgiftshoppet fra 20 til 65 procent.
  • - Det flotte salg af elbiler hver måned kan kun lade sig gøre på grund af den lave registreringsafgift. Elbilerne er dyrere at producere end benzin- og dieselbiler. Det er derfor helt nødvendigt, at de ikke bliver pålagt den høje registreringsafgift. Hvis regeringens finanslovsforslag gennemføres, vil salget bremse kraftigt op. I dag er vi trådt et langt skridt væk fra den grønne omstilling, siger Gitte Seeberg, adm. direktør i Autobranchen Danmark, i en pressemeddelelse.
  • Desuden vil bundfradraget, der sikrer, at elbiler under 400.000 kr. ikke betaler registreringsafgift, også blive afskaffet, så registreringsafgiften på elbiler under 400.000 kr. nu vil gå fra 0 til 65 procent efter nytår. Det vækker kritik i bilbranche
  • e lagt op til en fastfrysning af registreringsafgiften for elbiler i 2021. Konkret betyder det, at registreringsafgiften på elbiler stiger fra 20 til 65 procent næste år, hvis finanslovsforslaget gennemføres.
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  • e. If someone is shopping for a low-cost smartphone that isn't a piece of junk, the Moto G Power is one of the best options currently available.
  • . This is a very good low-cost Android device that gi
  • Moto G phones tend to get one major Android update in their life cycle and that's it. We can look forward to Android 11 arriving on the Moto G Power at some point down the road (though not in a timely manner), but after that, don't expect anything else.
  • . These extras are there for you to play around with if you want to, and most of them are genuinely great, but they don't get in the way of the rest of the user experience. In other words, it's how all OEMs should approach Android. I tip my hat to you, Motorola.
  • e Moto Display, Moto Actions (chop your phone to turn on the flashlight, twist it to open the camera), and the new Moto Gametime mode that allows you to automatically block calls and notifications when it detects you're playing a game.
  • all-gesture navigation
  • . It looks and performs almost identically to a Pixel or Android One phone,
  • In the above comparison, the left image was taken with the 16MP main camera while the image on the right was captured using the 8MP ultra-wide camera. Not only are the colors completely different, but there's a huge downgrade in sharpness, too. You can clearly see the paneling on the buildings in the first picture, but on the ultra-wide shot, they're a noisy mess.
  • perfectly adequate for posting pictures on Twitter and Instagram
  • When it does come time to finally charge the phone, you're stuck with 10W wired charging.
  • There's something kind of magical about not having to charge your phone every night,
  • There's a 5,000 mAh battery crammed inside the G Power, which certainly plays a role in the phone's weightiness (199g, to be exact
  • Call of Duty: Mobile, I
  • The 4GB of RAM isn't the best for multitasking,
  • For day-to-day tasks, the Moto G Power handles apps like Twitter, Gmail, YouTube, Spotify, and others without any problems
  • Qualcomm's Snapdragon 665 chipset. It's a 64-bit octa-core processor and uses the Adreno 610 GPU
  • Moto G Power was a stark downgrade at first. However, after just a few minutes of using the phone, I quickly adjusted to the IPS screen and I ended up quite enjoying it. For a $250 smartphone, it's a pretty solid offering.
  • Considering how much the G Power costs, it's not a bad display by any mean
  • . The buttons are nice and clicky with a great texture for the power button, you still get a 3.5mm headphone jack next to the USB-C charging port, and the front-facing earpiece is used in conjunction with the speaker grill on the bottom frame for very loud stereo audio.
  • a ton of fingerprints after just seconds of holding the G Power.
  • . It's only available in this dull Smoke Black color
  • That said, the lack of NFC and Motorola's infamous history with software updates could be reason to think twice before picking it up.
  • G Power sort of fills that void by offering a solid Android experience at an incredible price
  • t Moto G in 2013, Motorola has launched a new one every single year
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  • UPDATE: Xiaomi posted a blog in which it delineated how and when it collects visited URLs visited by its users. Read it in full here.
  • Xiaomi appears to have another reason for collecting the data: to better understand its users’ behavio
  • Cirlig also suspected that his app use was being monitored by Xiaomi, as every time he opened an app, a chunk of information would be sent to a remote serve
  • Taking browser behavior, including URLs, without explicit consent and in private browsing mode, is about as bad as it gets.”
  • “It’s a lot worse than any of the mainstream browsers I have seen,” Tierney sai
  • Xiaomi was also collecting data about the phone, including unique numbers for identifying the specific device and Android version
  • But a spokesperson confirmed it was collecting browsing data, claiming the information was anonymized so wasn’t tied to any identity
  • adding that it “strictly follows and is fully compliant with local laws and regulations on user data privacy matters.
  • The research claims are untrue,” and “Privacy and security is of top concern
  • And there appear to be issues with how Xiaomi is transferring the data to its servers
  • He downloaded firmware for other Xiaomi phones—including the Xiaomi MI 10, Xiaomi Redmi K20 and Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 devices. He then confirmed they had the same browser code, leading him to suspect they had the same privacy issues.
  • , Xiaomi is one of the top four smartphone makers in the world by market share, behind Apple, Samsung and Huawe
  • , though Xiaomi denied there was a problem
  • He also found browsers shipped by Xiaomi on Google Play—Mi Browser Pro and the Mint Browser—were collecting the same data. Together, they have more than 15 million downloads, according to Google Play statistics.
  • The device was also recording what folders he opened and to which screens he swiped, including the status bar and the settings page. All of the data was being packaged up and sent to remote servers in Singapore and Russia, though the Web domains they hosted were registered in Beijing.
  • When he looked around the Web on the device’s default Xiaomi browser, it recorded all the websites he visited, including search engine queries whether with Google or the privacy-focused DuckDuckGo, and every item viewed on a news feed feature of the Xiaomi software. That tracking appeared to be happening even if he used the supposedly private “incognito” mode.
  • The seasoned cybersecurity researcher found a worrying amount of his behavior was being tracked, whilst various kinds of device data were also being harvested, leaving
  • Cirlig is speaking with Forbes after discovering that his Redmi Note 8 smartphone was watching much of what he was doing on the phone. That data was then being sent to remote servers hosted by another Chinese tech giant, Alibaba, which were ostensibly rented by Xiaomi. 
  • Gabi Cirlig
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