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  • he also uses phrases like, “Terrorist attacks can shake the foundations of our biggest buildings, but they cannot touch the foundation of America.” This statement uses the pathos driven idea that they- meaning the terrorists- can hurt us physically, but we are still united as a natio
  • aturally, many citizens had no idea how their country was going to proceed from that point, to which Bush responded, “The functions of our government continue without interruption.
  • because Bush was the President- a historically symbolic position in the American government- he already carried a credibility with him, however he takes that a step further in this speech by using specific words and phrases to establish ethos. For instance, Bush repeats words such as our, us, and we to tell the American people that they are one body, and that he stands by them. On the other hand, he also uses phrases such as , “I appreciate so very much the members of Congress who have joined me. . .” This statement also establishes ethos for the president because it exemplifies his position as a high governmental official that his people can trust.
  • . As a nation we all remember a horrific time in our history that occurred over thirteen years ago
  • responded, “The functions of our government continue without interruption.” This is a key point to reflect on because it really shows how bush effectively uses the actual time of the speech to tell the country that the government was fine
  • urthermore, while the American people were confused, most of the nation was simply weighed down by insurmountable grief, to which Bush responded with a comforting message
  • Essentially, both of these personas of President Bush provide him with a duel image: in one aspect, he is an American citizen just like us, however by contrast, he is also an authority figure that will protect his citizens.
  • He explained what procedures were taken after the attacks, and how those would prevent further attacks. This appeal to America’s logic told his citizens that they were still secure in their homes, and that actions were being taken to assure their safety
  • resident Bush took the opportunity to assure his citizens that everything was going to be fine
  • Had we waited any longer to give this speech, it might not have been as affective, due to the fact that Americans would have remained confused and in the dark about what was happening to their homeland
  • , I remember the president of the United States, telling me, a terrified five year old, that everything was going to be fine.
  • the use of rhetoric goes above and beyond the basic presidential speech, it enables a connection with the American people on a personal level. Overall, we will never forget the events of that day, but we will especially remember how we pulled together as a natio
  • Despite the fact that ethos and logos are both used effectively in this speech, the most obvious use of rhetorical appeal comes in the form of pathos. Bush uses rhetoric that carries such strong emotion and meaning that one can’t help but be comforted by it. He continually uses words such as “strong,” “justice,” and “peace” to provide comfort for his country
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