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Summary | 5 Annotations
Automation and data analysis will expand further into the U.S. job market in 2017,
2016/12/16 15:27
The big change that we are going to see from automation is not mass unemployment. What we are going to see is that people need to up-skill regularly.
2016/12/16 15:28
By contrast, Silicon Valley futurists predict that automation is going to lead to widespread unemployment
2016/12/16 15:28
The pace of growth in the gig economy is going to slow, he says. "There has been a lot of growth in recent years because there has been low-hanging fruit for gig work,
2016/12/16 15:29
When you look at the data of what keeps employees satisfied long term, it is always the core, traditional benefits," says Chamberlain. Those include retirement benefits, great health insurance and a paid time off policy.
2016/12/16 15:32