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Summary | 3 Annotations
The Alzheimer’s Association is leading a $35 million study to look at whether lifestyle has an impact on brain health — and now the U.S. National Institute on Aging is contributing $47 million to extend the examination to brain imaging
2019/08/01 16:13
The additional funds will allow U.S. POINTER to expand the study into the first large-scale investigation of how lifestyle affects well-known biological markers of Alzheimer’s in the structure of the brain. The study will use advanced brain imaging technology like PET and MRI scans to look at the effects of lifestyle interventions on brain health (overall and regional brain shape, size and blood flow, and on indicators of heart health risk and small vessel disease).
2019/08/01 16:13
older adults are potentially larger than pharmacological treatments. The U.S. POINTER study will use a geographically and ethnically diverse population to test half of the participant’s brains for two
2019/08/01 16:14