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Summary | 8 Annotations
The record-setting price of the largest phone — starting at $1,099 — is key to Apple’s strategy as smartphone sales growth stalls.
2018/09/28 10:34
the tech giant has had to adjust its strategy to keep revenue and profit growing.
2018/09/28 10:36
Apple’s main competitor in smartphones, Samsung, has also tried this strategy by setting the price for its Galaxy Note line in the $900s.
2018/09/28 10:36
Apple invited several video game developers on stage to showcase improvements to the graphics and processing performance of the phones.
2018/09/28 10:38
As Apple shifts its gadgets to having longer lifespans, the company will have to offer compelling and useful services to continue making these devices a good value for consumers
2018/09/28 10:39
Apple has a key challenge in the next 18 to 24 months: Apple has to build a more frequent, deeper, emotion-rich, digital lifestyle relationship with consumers.
2018/09/28 10:40
The Watch has quickly become the spearhead for Apple’s push into health and fitness.
2018/09/28 10:40
the Watch has received Food and Drug Administration approval for a new feature that allows the smartwatch to act as an electrocardiogram.
2018/09/28 10:41