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What successful people do on Sunday nights

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Summary | 8 Annotations
A 2015 Monster survey found that 76% of people get bummed out on Sunday night.
2018/01/29 09:08
Some successful people like to look at their calendars on Sunday night and set goals and deadlines for the coming week,
2018/01/29 09:08
Most successful people read every night before bed, so Sunday-night reading is part of their routines.
2018/01/29 09:08
Take some time Sunday evening to sit back and relax. You need time to recharge your mind and body.
2018/01/29 09:09
The dying embers of the weekend can be a good time to take a step back and catalog your feelings, especially if you're dreading Monday. Writing down your thoughts on a piece of paper can help you get to the bottom of what's bugging you, or give you the perspective that things aren't so bad after all.
2018/01/29 09:10
the process will provide you with valuable emotional release
2018/01/29 09:10
It's like flushing a toilet:
2018/01/29 09:10
Sundays provide a great opportunity to pursue some kind of cultural activity
2018/01/29 09:11