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Summary | 10 Annotations
employees working in windowed offices slept an average of 46 minutes more per night, experienced better sleep quality and reported higher quality of life scores than those who did not.
2018/08/31 17:08
white walls are bad for productivity and quality of work.
2018/08/31 17:09
red can increase performance
2018/08/31 17:10
blue is calming and promotes creativity and communication
2018/08/31 17:10
Green is also great for inspiring creativity
2018/08/31 17:10
yellow can cause anxiety
2018/08/31 17:10
gray can lead to energy loss
2018/08/31 17:10
Napping for 15 to 20 minutes ensures that you'll get a little rest without falling into a deep sleep, and you'll wake up just in time for the caffeine to start kicking in
2018/08/31 17:11
taking a break with your co-workers can have a huge, positive impact on your performance, as opposed to taking your breaks alone.
2018/08/31 17:13
workers' dispositions can actually be contagious, so grouping people based on their temperament can really have an impact on a company's work environment.
2018/08/31 17:14