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At Apple’s WWDC 2018, accessibility pervades all 

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Summary | 9 Annotations
accessibility, conceptually, has become a mandatory part of not only how Apple designs its products, but of the Apple ecosystem at large.
2018/06/22 10:19
Group FaceTime in iOS 12
2018/06/22 10:23
remained a popular method of communication for many users in the deaf community.
2018/06/22 10:23
arrival of iOS 12 this fall will make it possible to converse with up to 32(!) people at once.
2018/06/22 10:24
With Walkie-Talkie, you can “radio” each other from separate locations in a home or care facility right from your wrists.
2018/06/22 10:25
Walkie-Talkie mode in watchOS 5.
2018/06/22 10:25
The new dark mode in macOS Mojave, for example, boosts contrast considerably, which should help Mac users see better and guard against eye fatigue or screen glare
2018/06/22 10:27
The work Apple has put into making accessibility a focal point of the conference the last few years is bearing serious fruit this time around.
2018/06/22 10:30
more about how the new features, as Apple designed them, are inherently accessible.
2018/06/22 10:33