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Summary | 6 Annotations
Ford Motor said on Tuesday that it would build its next-generation small car in China
2017/06/21 01:12
Last year, the company said it planned to shift Focus production to a plant under construction in Mexico, primarily because of lower labor costs. But Ford canceled the project
2017/06/21 01:13
the nation’s second largest automaker after General Motors, is centralizing much of its small-car production in China
2017/06/21 01:13
the company would save $1 billion by building the Focus in China instead of Mexico
2017/06/21 01:13
“The Ford decision shows how flexible multinational companies are in terms of geography,
2017/06/21 01:15
It is not clear how much cheaper it is for Ford to build cars in China than in the United States. While wages may be lower there, companies still must absorb costs for shipping and modifying vehicles to meet American safety regulations.
2017/06/21 01:16