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Summary | 5 Annotations
In China, genetic engineering is seen as a possible way of boosting China’s food security, and lessen the impact of industrialization, which diminishes the availability of agricultural land.
2019/10/09 16:48
The critics of biotechnology say that plant biotechnology is not needed, is a risk to consumers’ health, only fattens the profits of companies such as Monsanto, and will reduce biodiversity.
2019/10/09 16:49
Pesticides pose a serious danger to soil and water quality and thus to the agro-ecosystem.
2019/10/09 16:50
The greater use of pesticides certainly has helped China raise production.
2019/10/09 16:50
Although many articles state that there is no evidence that genetically modified foods are not safe to eat, this also implies that there is no evidence that GM foods are safe to eat.
2019/10/09 16:55