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8 big announcements from Google I/O 2018

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Summary | 15 Annotations
If Google wants to be a significant player when it comes to voice interfaces, the actual interaction has to feel like a conversation — not just a series of queries.
2018/05/24 09:09
A new version of the Google Photos app will suggest quick fixes and tweaks like rotations, brightness corrections or adding pops of color.
2018/05/24 09:11
Google makes talking to the Assistant more natural with “continued conversation”
2018/05/24 09:11
Google Photos gets an AI boost
2018/05/24 09:12
Google Assistant and YouTube are coming to Smart Displays
2018/05/24 09:12
Google Assistant is coming to Google Maps
2018/05/24 09:12
Google announces a new generation for its TPU machine learning hardware
2018/05/24 09:12
Google News gets an AI-powered redesign
2018/05/24 09:12
Google unveils ML Kit, an SDK that makes it easy to add AI smarts to iOS and Android apps
2018/05/24 09:12
It’s clear that the company’s invested some resources into building a visual-first version of Assistant, justifying the addition of a screen to the experience.
2018/05/24 09:13
Google Lens can do things like identify buildings, or even dog breeds, just by pointing your camera at the object in question. It will also be able to identify text.
2018/05/24 09:16
It’s especially important as Google looks to build its cloud platform, GCP, into a massive business while going up against Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft Azure.
2018/05/24 09:17
The AI-powered, redesigned news destination app will “allow users to keep up with the news they care about, understand the full story, and enjoy and support the publishers they trust.”
2018/05/24 09:19
development kits like ML Kit help lower the barrier to entry and give developers without a ton of expertise in machine learning a playground to start figuring out interesting use cases for those appliocations.
2018/05/24 09:21
The move signals how Google has increasingly focused R&D on computer vision, natural language processing, and neural networks.
2018/05/28 09:01