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Summary | 6 Annotations
@file:JvmName("Utils") @file:JvmMultifileClass
2017/09/21 09:43
If you need to expose a Kotlin property as a field in Java, you need to annotate it with the @JvmField annotation.
2017/09/21 09:43
You can annotate a property with @JvmField if it has a backing field, is not private, does not have open, override or const modifiers, and is not a delegated property.
2017/09/21 09:43
Usually these fields are private but they can be exposed in one of the following ways: @JvmField annotation; lateinit modifier; const modifier.
2017/09/21 09:43
Kotlin can also generate static methods for functions defined in named objects or companion objects if you annotate those functions as @JvmStatic
2017/09/21 09:44
If you use this annotation, the compiler will generate both a static method in the enclosing class of the object and an instance method in the object itself
2017/09/21 09:45