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Summary | 14 Annotations
but teens usually find it harder to find jobs than their more experienced elders.
2017/06/06 00:25
unemployment rate measures joblessness only among people who are actively looking for work. And many American teens aren't.
2017/06/06 00:25
Today's teenagers have other priorities.
2017/06/06 00:26
43 percent of 16- to 19-year-olds were either working or looking for a job. That's 10 points lower than in July 2006. In 1988 and 1989, the July labor force participation rate for teenagers nearly hit 70 percent.
2017/06/06 00:26
Why aren't teens working? Lots of theories have been offered:
2017/06/06 00:27
Immigrants are competing with teens for jobs; a 2012 study found that less educated immigrants affected employment for U.S
2017/06/06 00:28
Parents are pushing kids to volunteer and sign up for extracurricular activities instead of working, to impress college admission counselors
2017/06/06 00:28
Teen earnings are low and pay little toward the costs of college,
2017/06/06 00:28
millions of teenagers aren't working because they're studying instead.
2017/06/06 00:29
education has taken up more and more of teenagers' time, 
2017/06/06 00:29
In July of last year, more than two in five 16- to 19-year-olds were enrolled in school. That's four times times as many as were enrolled in 1985, BLS data show.
2017/06/06 00:29
All this studying has obvious benefits, but a single-minded focus on education has disadvantages, too.
2017/06/06 00:30
researchers analyzed the effects of two Chicago programs providing students with part-time job
2017/06/06 00:31
an effect felt for at least a year after the programs ended. If teens got nothing else out of the jobs programs, the researchers suggested, they were at least "learning to better avoid or manage conflict." 
2017/06/06 00:32