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Summary | 5 Annotations
Mobile ordering, which allows customers to order and pay on a smartphone before entering the store, has caused bottlenecks during busy hours
2017/03/20 07:27
"I AM NOT A VENDING MACHINE," another Reddit user wrote. "Just because you mobile order, does not mean you are guaranteed not to wait."
2017/03/20 07:28
In an effort to see if the problem was really as bad as some people on social media are making it out to be, Business Insider spent a week ordering daily from the coffee giant's app. 
2017/03/20 07:28
One type of solution that Starbucks has not mentioned is tech-focused — adjusting the app to either provide customers more accurate wait times or better space out how mobile orders are placed at stores.
2017/03/20 07:31
Across the US, more customers are ordering Starbucks via apps than ever before. Starbucks' mobile-and-pay app is responsible for 8% of orders in the US — more than double last year's figure.
2017/03/20 07:31