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Summary | 5 Annotations
Sterilisation wrap is an integral part of the surgery process and is used in operating theatres across the world. It is used to package surgical instruments and equipment to protect them air-borne contaminants and bacteria, and is generally disposed of through incineration
2016/12/16 01:14
The recycling process being trialled uses a ‘Sterimelt’ machine developed by Thermal Compaction Group, which produces sanitised, solid briquettes from the wrap's base element, polypropylene.
2016/12/16 01:15
The briquettes can then be manufactured into a variety of domestic or industrial products such buckets, stationery, ropes and chairs.
2016/12/16 01:15
at the moment, the majority of the waste wrap is either landfilled or incinerated which is exceptionally expensive. The recycling process removes that cost
2016/12/16 01:15
By collecting these items, the scheme aims to help avoid certain medical devices unnecessarily ending up in clinical waste
2016/12/16 01:15