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Summary | 9 Annotations
1. Tate Modern Switch House, London, by Herzog & de Meuron
2016/12/21 02:18
It meets the street not with arms wide open and a friendly smile, but with a fortified bastion wall of brown concrete, like a rammed-earth rampart.
2016/12/21 02:20
The entrance isn’t grand and ceremonial, but takes the form of a low slot around the back, through which visitors shuffle like mice.
2016/12/21 02:20
4. Kunstmuseum Basel, by Christ & Gantenbein
2016/12/21 02:22
the new Kunstmuseum has a suitably geological weight for a building that houses the oldest municipal collection of art in the world.
2016/12/21 02:22
7. Holmes Road Studios, London, by Peter Barber
2016/12/21 02:23
provides a stepping stone for homeless people to gain the skills and confidence to move on to independent living, with 59 micro-flats, counselling spaces and training facilities arranged around a planted courtyard garden
2016/12/21 02:24
9. Palestinian Museum, Birzeit, by Heneghan Peng
2016/12/21 02:24
A sharp, white crown perched atop a hill in the West Bank, the Palestinian Museum cuts a striking profile, overlooking a sloping grove of walnut, carob and fig trees and the distant prospect of the Mediterranean beyond – inaccessible to most Palestinians.
2016/12/21 02:25