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at New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering.
2017/11/07 08:58
At the graduate level, the number is reversed: About 80 percent hail from India, China, Korea, Turkey and other foreign countries.
2017/11/07 08:59
In the fall of 2015, about 55 percent of all graduate students in mathematics, computer sciences and engineering were from abroad,
2017/11/07 09:00
The dearth of Americans is even more pronounced in hot STEM fields like computer science, which serve as talent pipelines for the likes of Google, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft:
2017/11/07 09:00
almost 68 percent in master’s programs last year were international students
2017/11/07 09:01
The Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth, for example, saw a 30 percent decrease in international applications to its professional master’s program for this semester,
2017/11/07 09:02
If there are one or two more years of comparable 20 to 30 percent decreases in international applications, we’re very concerned about our ability to conduct research and spin off and start companies,
2017/11/07 09:03
As the economy improved, the percentage of Americans in graduate programs dropped. “Going to grad school became less of a priority for so many students,” s
2017/11/07 09:03