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Summary | 8 Annotations
the ‘salle labrouste’ has been renovated by architect jean-françois lagneau
2017/01/30 14:39
in the early 2000s, it was decided that the aging building had become unsuitable for the demands of the 21st century,
2017/01/30 14:40
to keep the library partially open, the renovation has been divided into two phases, with the second stage set to complete in 2020.
2017/01/30 14:40
‘this long history of the construction of the library, often conducted by the major architects of each period, has left us with a heritage of extreme complexity commensurate with the richness of the heritage
2017/01/30 14:41
the rotunda on the ground floor serves as the entrance
2017/01/30 14:41
two entrances offer access to a single lobby
2017/01/30 14:41
the biggest challenge was to restore the room’s original vibrant colors, while ensuring that the space was compliant with modern day building codes and regulations.
2017/01/30 14:42
the new intervention boasts a contemporary material palette of aluminum, steel, and LEDs
2017/01/30 14:43