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Summary | 9 Annotations
var allByDefault: Int? // error: explicit initializer required
2017/09/17 12:07
Classes in Kotlin cannot have fields. However, sometimes it is necessary to have a backing field when using custom accessors. For these purposes, Kotlin provides an automatic backing field which can be accessed using the field identifier:
2017/09/17 12:26
The field identifier can only be used in the accessors of the property.
2017/09/17 12:28
If you want to do something that does not fit into this "implicit backing field" scheme, you can always fall back to having a backing property
2017/09/17 12:33
2017/09/17 12:33
compile time constants
2017/09/17 12:33
Top-level or member of an object Initialized with a value of type String or a primitive type No custom getter
2017/09/17 12:34
Such properties need to fulfil the following requirements:
2017/09/17 12:34
The modifier can only be used on var properties declared inside the body of a class (not in the primary constructor), and only when the property does not have a custom getter or setter. The type of the property must be non-null, and it must not be a primitive type.
2017/09/17 12:39