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Eating 'ultra-processed' foods linked to cancer

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Summary | 7 Annotations
Researchers found that just a 10% increase in ultra-processed foods led to a 12% higher risk of cancer—in particular, breast cancer
2018/03/06 03:30
Although ramen noodles isn’t a surprise, instant soups also made the list. Credit: Getty Images.
2018/03/06 03:31
This study is particularly poignant since the global consumption of processed foods is increasing
2018/03/06 03:31
These findings are particularly worrisome since cancer rates worldwide are climbing. Globally, 14.1 million cancer cases were recorded in 2012. By 2035, that number is expected to rise to 24 million.
2018/03/06 03:31
The good news is that 42% of cancer cases are preventable: 19% are attributed to smoking, for example, while another 18% are related to a person's diet. Processed foods
2018/03/06 03:31
Note that this was an observational study. As such, it cannot determine a clear cause-and-effect relationship
2018/03/06 03:32
Even so, the findings are compelling and in line with previous research
2018/03/06 03:32