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Summary | 6 Annotations
If you can’t stand the idea of battling through dark and cold through the next few months, it’s time to start thinking about escaping for a winter sun holiday.
2017/11/29 09:48
ver 25% of the land is dedicated to conservation and the wildlife is astonishing. February is a particularly good time to visit. It’s still the dry season, and average temperatures are around 28°C
2017/11/29 09:49
the best thing about being here in winter is that you’ll be able to do some of those activities that aren’t possible in summer’s oppressive heat – taking a desert safari or going camel-trekking for example
2017/11/29 09:52
With clear blue skies, a cool breeze and umpteen world-class beaches, you’ll get the true Caribbean experience
2017/11/29 09:53
You’ll find that makes it a whole lot easier to fully appreciate the beautiful colonial cities, white-sand beaches and rainforested interiors.
2017/11/29 09:53
Their summer (our winter) goes like this: not too hot, very little rain, and festivities galore, from flower shows and art exhibitions to trade fairs, music festivals, food festivals and fashion festivals.
2017/11/29 09:57