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Summary | 7 Annotations
Spain is about to pass 300 days without a government.
2016/10/15 02:03
There’s no sense of panic, however. A CIS survey this month showed Spaniards’ chief worry — by far — is the country’s 20 per cent unemployment rate.
2016/10/15 02:04
It’s true that a country can maintain itself without a government. The problem is if it goes on for too long,’’ said Pin
2016/10/15 02:05
Meanwhile, Spain is one of the European Union’s fastest-growing economies. The International Monetary Fund says Spain will grow 3.1 per cent this yea
2016/10/15 02:05
There are clouds on the horizon, however.
2016/10/15 02:05
The problem will be in 2017, because there’s no budget yet and public investments,
2016/10/15 02:06
the main issue is investor confidenc
2016/10/15 02:06