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Summary | 6 Annotations
accumulators, which are variables that are only “added” to, such as counters and sums
2018/10/11 14:07
broadcast variables, which can be used to cache a value in memory on all nodes
2018/10/11 14:07
The appName parameter is a name for your application to show on the cluster UI
2018/10/11 14:15
master is a Spark, Mesos or YARN cluster URL, or a special “local” string to run in local mode
2018/10/11 14:15
the Spark shell, a special interpreter-aware SparkContext is already created for you, in the variable called sc. Making your own SparkContext will not work
2018/10/12 05:58
One important parameter for parallel collections is the number of partitions to cut the dataset into
2018/10/12 06:32