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In the first multibillion commercial contract since 1979 between Iran and an American company, Boeing signed an agreement to deliver 80 aircraft to Iran Air for $17bn. Airbus is close to securing a similar contract
2016/12/18 04:56
Speaking the Trump language, Boeing plugged the benefits of its deal for “tens of thousands” of American workers.
2016/12/18 04:57
Rupert Murdoch launched another bid to buy Sky, Britain’s biggest pay-TV network.
2016/12/18 04:58
Yahoo discovered another breach of its security systems. A cyber-attack in 2013 accessed the passwords and other information of more than 1bn users, twice the number of a similar hack of Yahoo’s systems that took place in 2014.
2016/12/18 04:58
Amazon made its first commercial delivery of goods to a customer by drone,
2016/12/18 04:59
Britain was the prime choice for Amazon to mark its achievement as regulators there have imposed fewer restrictions on drone tests than in America
2016/12/18 04:59
European Central Bank decided to extend quantitative easing for a further nine months to December 2017, but also to reduce the monthly pace of bond-buying from €80bn ($85bn) to €60bn beginning in April.
2016/12/18 05:00