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Summary | 7 Annotations
Is there anything we can do now to optimise our brains and protect them against the ravages of ageing
2017/12/05 09:55
, mostly by keeping its blood supply as good as possible;
2017/12/05 09:55
one area that has been best researched, and about which we can say with reasonable confidence, “this will help”, is mental activity.
2017/12/05 09:56
stay mentally active, by learning a new language, doing crosswords
2017/12/05 09:56
t enjoyable puzzles or games designed to build up cognitive function. People will choose and adhere better to a regime of activities that they find more enjoyable
2017/12/05 09:56
people with a higher IQ, longer education or cognitively challenging employment have been found to have a lower risk of developing dementia.
2017/12/05 09:57
good news is that cognitive reserve isn’t exclusive to those who have the IQ of a genius or who’ve devoted their life to theoretical physics. We think it can be built up throughout life, so taking part in cognitively challenging activities
2017/12/05 09:58