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Summary | 10 Annotations
The No Regrets List survey of 5,000 international millennials, aged between 18 and 35, conducted by the travel company Contiki,
2016/11/17 01:16
Chilling out” in Australia’s Byron Bay was the fourth most coveted experience; watching the sunrise over Uluru (13th), snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef (14th) and cuddling a koala in Queensland (18th)
2016/11/17 01:17
The US was an equally popular destination for millennials, with a road trip down Route 66 (sixth) being the highest ranking US activity,
2016/11/17 01:18
Costa Rica, which earlier this year was name the most satisfying place in which to live by the Happy Planet Index, was among the more unexpected inclusions to make the shortlist
2016/11/17 01:19
A bike ride through the cycle-friendly Dutch capital of Amsterdam rounded out the top 20
2016/11/17 01:19
20 most coveted travel experiences
2016/11/17 01:19
Gondola ride in Venice
2016/11/17 01:19
Picnic in the French countryside 
2016/11/17 01:20
Watch the sun rise over Uluru, Australia
2016/11/17 01:20
See the Grand Canyon in the US by helicopter
2016/11/17 01:20