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Summary | 6 Annotations
1. Once the Files app is opened, you can see the different file locations beneath "Browse" in the left column.
2017/10/02 06:30
To select a file, just tap down on the selected file and hold it down. The file image will slightly enlarge, and then you have control over dragging and dropping it to different file folders or locations
2017/10/02 06:31
Once a file has been selected, use your other hand to tap on the other files that you'd like to move, and they will automatically be "piled" on the original file, allowing them to all be moved around togethe
2017/10/02 06:32
4. Each individual file — document, photo, video, etc. — can be given a colored tag, for whatever organization strategy you're using.
2017/10/02 06:32
To select a file, tap down on it and then life your finger. This will reveal the action bar  above, allowing you to copy, move, and tag files. 
2017/10/02 06:33
The improvement in file organization, dragging, and dropping is best put to use on the iPad
2017/10/02 17:32