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Summary | 6 Annotations
2017/02/19 12:43
Autumn” is about a long platonic friendship between an elderly man and a much younger woman. His name is Daniel. He’s 101 when the story begins,
2017/02/19 12:44
Her name is Elisabeth. She’s a 32-year-old fitfully employed art lecturer at an unnamed university in London. She comes to read to, and be with, him
2017/02/19 12:44
As Elisabeth and Daniel talk, and as Elisabeth processes the events of her life, a world opens. “Autumn” begins to be about 100 things in addition to friendship. It’s about poverty and bureaucracy and sex and morality and music.
2017/02/19 12:46
Autumn” has a loose structure, almost like that of a prose poem. This form is perfect for Smith, because her mind will go where it wants to go. And where her mind goes, you want to follow.
2017/02/19 12:48
This novel, all about talk, is, in the end, about how we can no longer talk to one another. “It is like democracy is a bottle someone can threaten to smash and do a bit of damage with,” Smith writes. “It has become a time of people saying stuff to each other and none of it actually ever becoming dialogue. It is the end of dialogue
2017/02/19 12:49